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Mocha Moms DFW South Chapter


Our Detailed events are posted for MM only. As a prospective member we allow you to attend 1 event prior to joining, If you would like to attend one of our upcoming events, please email at

Below you will find the types of MM events that are held on a monthly or Bi-monthly basis.

Children Exposure Events:

These events are designed to expose our children to different arts, cultures, extra-curricular activities around the DFW area and surrounding areas. By doing so, we hope that these events will create a good discipline and appreciation of people, places and things on different levels that will broaden their mind and words of expression of the world they live in. These events may require a fee for participation; therefore, these events are truly optional.

Children Playdates:

These events will need to be hosted by one of our Mocha Moms monthly. These events can consist of a playdate at the park, a mom�s home, playground at the mall, etc. These events shouldn�t be very costly or better yet, they should be free.

Mom's Only Retreat:

These events are considered the relax, relate, and release sessions. Relax- moms breakaway from their homes for a few hours and meet with other moms, just to take a breather. Relate-moms share their experiences while identifying/supporting each other in their pains and joys of motherhood. Release- moms receive the strength and encouragement they need to continue being the best moms they know how to be. These events require two Mocha Moms who are willing to host, while the other moms bring their favorite dishes.

Mom's Day/Night Out:

These events are designed to allow the moms to say, " I am stepping out for a few hours!" In other words, Mommy is Out! Mommy is out doing what she likes to do while enjoying the company of other moms. The possibilities are endless, but should always be a lot of fun!

Couple's Day/Night Out:

These events consist of the Mocha Moms and their spouses going out and having a good time, without the children, in the effort to establish wonderful couple relationships. The possibilities are endless as well, but should always be entertaining.

Family Day/Night Out:

No need for a babysitter! These events allow everyone in the family to participate and fellowship with one another. Building better family tides with one another that will last for years to come.

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